Chris van Diemen

Photographer & Creative Director


As a creative director, I continually seek to create clear yet daring solutions in the field of branding and identity design. For me, design boils down to communication. To create powerful and relevant design statements, I have to connect with the people behind the brand. To inspire my clients, it is essential I find out what moves them.

I have long been interested in what drives people, in their personal lives, and the camera is my favourite tool to frame that curiosity. After having studied photography, I was no stranger to image manipulation and staged photography — I loved creating new worlds. But through my travels and everyday discoveries, I became fascinated with the actual worlds people live in. I explore these worlds and people’s authenticity, to uncover their personal stories, and portray their emotions.

As a photographer with a heart for aesthetics and a keen eye for detail, I seek to show the often-overlooked beauty in everyday people and places. I would love to show you my explorations.

Taken by Storm

Together with Reinko Hallenga, I am the founder of Taken By Storm — a Dutch design agency that creates authentic brand identities with compelling stories. Driven by our curiosity and guided by an effective strategy, we deliver a clear message in spot-on applications. Interested?

Let us take you by storm!

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